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Weapon Movie Review: Ambitious and Entertaining with Room for Improvement

The aspiration to craft a Hollywood-style superhero film is commendable, and Weapon showcases a blend of creativity and ambition.


  • Sathyaraj
  • Vasanth Ravi
  • Rajeev Menon
  • Tanya Hope
  • Rajeev Pillai
  • Yashika Aannand
  • Mime Gopi
  • Kaniha
  • Gajaraj
  • Syed Subhan
  • Baradwaj Rangan
  • Veluprabhakaran
  • Maya Krishnan
  • Shiyas Kareem
  • Benito Franklin
  • Raghu Esakki
  • Vinothini Vaidyanathan
  • Meghna Sumesh

Technical Crew

  • Director: Guhan Senniappan
  • Produced by: Million Studio
  • Music: Ghibran
  • Cinematography: Prabhu Raghav
  • Editor: Gopi Krishna
  • Art: Subendar P.L
  • Stunt: Sudesh
  • Costume Designers: Lekha Mohan
  • Sound Mix: M.R. Rajakrishnan
  • Sound Design: M.R. Rajakrishnan
  • Colorist: Sree
  • DI Lab: Promoworks
  • VFX Supervisor: Gokul
  • Makeup: Mohan
  • Stills: Vijay
  • Publicity Design: Dinesh Ashok
  • Production Controller: Kaanthan
  • Executive Producer: Rizwan A
  • Direction Team: CS Karthic Kumar, R Balakumaran, Gautam Anand, K Tamizhchelvan, Bharath Krishna, Subash Chandra Bose
  • PRO: Suresh Chandra, Abdul A. Nassar

Weapon embarks on an adventurous journey, drawing inspiration from iconic superhero films. With characters reminiscent of Magneto and Superman, the film weaves in a variety of engaging elements such as laboratory experimentation, powerful elites, super-soldiers, cloning, and ecological conservation. This rich tapestry of themes is ambitious and reflects the filmmakers’ high aspirations.

Plot Summary

The storyline brims with potential, exploring numerous compelling ideas. While it juggles multiple threads, the narrative maintains an energetic pace, keeping the audience intrigued. The film’s ambition to encompass various superhero tropes, from genetic modification to elite assassins, showcases its scope and creativity.


Sathyaraj delivers a commendable performance as Mithran, channeling a Hancock-like reclusive superhero with depth and nuance. Vasanth Ravi, Tanya Hope, and Rajeev Menon support the narrative effectively, adding layers to the story with their performances. The ensemble cast contributes to the film’s dynamic atmosphere.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast, including Yashika Aannand, Mime Gopi, and Kaniha, bring their characters to life, adding richness to the narrative tapestry. Each actor delivers a performance that complements the central storyline, enhancing the film’s overall impact.


Ghibran’s music score underscores the film’s ambitious themes and action sequences. The soundtrack blends seamlessly with the narrative, elevating key moments and adding emotional depth to the characters’ journeys.


Prabhu Raghav’s cinematography captures the film’s grand vision, with visually striking sequences that highlight the superhero elements. The use of color and visual effects creates an immersive experience, enhancing the film’s aesthetic appeal.

Direction and Production

Guhan Senniappan’s direction brings a unique perspective to the superhero genre, balancing action with emotional beats. The production quality reflects a commitment to delivering a visually impressive and entertaining film, despite the challenges of a smaller budget.


Weapon is a bold and ambitious attempt at creating a Tamil superhero film. While it juggles numerous ideas, its creativity and dedication shine through. The film’s engaging performances, impressive visuals, and thematic richness make it a noteworthy entry in the genre. With a focus on refining its storytelling, Weapon has the potential to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Open Mic Tamil Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

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