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Anjaamai Movie Review: A Powerful Political Drama Addressing Academic Inequities

Anjaamai fearlessly voices opposition to unempathetic policies drafted by bureaucrats and politicians, shedding light on their real-world impact on the common man. This powerful political drama is commendable for its bold storytelling and poignant portrayal of the struggles within the education system.


  • Vidaarth
  • Vani Bhojan
  • Rahman
  • Vijay TV Ramar
  • Balachandran, IAS
  • Sanjana
  • Rekha
  • Radhakrishnan
  • Krithik Mohan (student)
  • Jai Aditya
  • Vanshika
  • Dhanya

Worldwide released by: Dream Warrior Pictures

Plot Summary:

Several films have tackled the taxing education system imposed on students, but Anjaamai stands out by highlighting how this system affects parents even more than students. Comparable to films like Appa (2016) and Hindi Medium (2017), Anjaamai goes beyond personal losses to address the bigger picture.

The film opens with Arunthavam (Krithik Mohan) running into a police station, threatening to shoot himself over the NEET exam, which traumatized his family. Inspector Manikkam (Rahman) listens to Arunthavam’s story, revealing how NEET filters out students from poor backgrounds, particularly those from Tamil Nadu.


Vidharth and Vani Bhojan deliver close-to-home performances that resonate deeply with parents of students preparing for NEET and other competitive exams. Vidharth, as Sarkar, a koothu artist and farmer, portrays a father determined to provide his child with the best education. Rahman excels in his dual roles as a policeman and advocate, offering one of his most compelling performances in recent times. Krithik Mohan impresses as Arunthavam, while minor roles played by Rekha Nair and former IAS officer Balachandran also stand out.

Supporting Cast:

The supporting cast, including Rahman, Vani Bhojan, and Krithik Mohan, all contribute significantly to the film’s impact. Rahman’s portrayal of Manikkam is particularly noteworthy for its depth and sincerity.

Music and Cinematography:

The film’s cinematography is visually appealing, capturing the verdant village setting beautifully. While the music doesn’t play a major role in the narration, it complements the film without detracting from it.

Direction and Production:

Director Subburaman, along with creator and producer Dr. Thirunavukkaras, deserves kudos for their insightful portrayal of the NEET enrollment process and the broader issues within the education system. Despite the film’s delayed release and some dated elements, Anjaamai remains relevant by addressing ongoing issues like the clout of private colleges and the exploitative coaching industry.


Anjaamai is a powerful political drama that fearlessly critiques unempathetic policies affecting the common man. With strong performances, compelling storytelling, and a noble intention, the film effectively highlights the flaws in the education system while resonating deeply with its audience.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Final Thoughts: Shouldering a noble intention and accompanied by effective performances and powerful rhetoric, Anjaamai remains true to its title, offering a fearless critique of the education system and its impact on students and parents alike.

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