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Review of “Election Tamil Movie” ( 2024 )

Review of “Election”

Plot Summary

“Election,” directed by Thamizh, explores the murky world of local body elections through the eyes of Nadarasan, portrayed by Vijay Kumar. Initially reluctant to contest, Nadarasan’s decision is swayed by the disrespect shown to his father, leading him to enter the political fray. The film traces how this decision impacts his life and his family, navigating the complexities and corruption of local politics.


Vijay Kumar, as Nadarasan, brings a notable presence to the screen, though it takes time for him to fully settle into the role. His performance eventually resonates, particularly in the film’s more intense moments. Preethi Asrani, playing Hema, shares good chemistry with Vijay, although her character lacks depth. Richa Joshi’s role as Selvi is underdeveloped, offering limited scope for her to shine.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast, especially George Maryan as Nadarasan’s father, delivers solid performances. Maryan’s portrayal of a father torn between party loyalty and familial bonds stands out, adding emotional weight to the narrative. Paval Navageethan has excelled in the role of the alcoholic brother-in-law while Dileepan is adequate as the foxy politician wreaking vengeance on the protagonists, and the rest of the ensemble cast contribute adequately, though the film’s attempt to juggle multiple characters and subplots sometimes dilutes their impact.


Govind Vasantha’s music is a mixed bag. While some sequences benefit from his compositions, other moments suffer from overpowering background scores that detract from the dialogue and the overall impact. The music, at times, overshadows the narrative rather than complementing it.


Mahendiran Jayaraju’s cinematography captures the essence of the local political landscape effectively. The visuals are crisp and engaging, with a good balance between intimate character moments and broader political rallies. The camerawork supports the film’s tone, contributing positively to its overall feel.

Direction and Production

Thamizh’s direction, following his impactful debut with “Seththumaan,” shows ambition but falls short of his previous work’s raw realism. The shift to a more commercial style is evident, with mixed results. The production values are higher, and the film benefits from a more prominent cast, but the storytelling lacks the gut-punch impact of his debut. The film could have delved deeper into the protagonist’s relationships and the political intricacies, but instead, it spreads itself too thin over multiple storylines.


“Election” is an engaging political drama that falls short of the high expectations set by Thamizh’s debut film. While it features strong performances, particularly from Vijay Kumar and George Maryan, and effective cinematography, the film’s overly wordy script and occasionally overpowering music detract from its potential. The narrative tries to tackle too many elements at once, resulting in a film that is engaging but not as profound or impactful as it could have been.


Open Mic Tamil Rating : 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

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