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Kanni Tamil Movie Review

Review of “Kanni”

Plot Summary

“Kanni” is a touching exploration of the ancient tradition of herbal medicine. The film centers on Senga, an elderly woman from a mountain village, who has inherited her ancestors’ knowledge of natural remedies. Senga’s expertise is showcased when she miraculously heals a wealthy visitor who collapses in the village, drawing global attention from the medical community. The ensuing narrative delves into the intersection of traditional wisdom and modern science, creating a compelling and thought-provoking story.


Ashwini Chandrasekhar delivers a standout performance as Sembi, Senga’s daughter, portraying Mathama Velumurugan Senga with remarkable depth. Her dedication shines through in both dramatic and action sequences, making her character believable and engaging. Manimaran Ramasamy, Tara Krish, Ram Bharathan, and Sarika Selvaraj also deliver strong performances, each adding significant value to the film. Their portrayals help to ground the story in reality, enhancing its emotional impact.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast contributes effectively to the narrative. Manimaran Ramasamy and Tara Krish bring nuance to their roles, while Ram Bharathan and Sarika Selvaraj provide substantial support, adding layers to the story and enriching the film’s emotional texture.


Sebastian Satish’s music is a vital component of “Kanni.” His score complements the film’s themes, enhancing the narrative’s emotional and cultural depth. The music underscores key moments beautifully, adding to the overall viewing experience.


Rajkumar Periasamy’s cinematography is one of the film’s highlights. The stunning visuals of the mountain village and the serene lifestyle of its residents are captured with breathtaking beauty. The cinematography not only sets the tone for the film but also immerses the audience in the story’s setting, making the natural environment almost a character in its own right.

Direction and Production

Director Mayon Siva Torapadi has done a commendable job in bringing the story to life. His focus on traditional herbal medicine is clear and respectful, portraying it as a valuable and credible practice. The film’s production, under the guidance of producer M. Selvaraj and pro Sakthi Saravanan, ensures high quality in every aspect, from the set design to the costume choices, all contributing to an authentic and immersive experience.


“Kanni” is a moving tribute to the power of traditional medicine and the wisdom of our ancestors. It balances the beauty of ancient practices with the intrigue of modern scientific inquiry, offering a narrative that is both educational and emotionally resonant. While the screenplay could benefit from a bit more edge, the film’s strengths in performance, music, and cinematography make it a memorable experience.

Open Mic Tamil Rating : ⭐⭐⭐

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