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DeAr Movie Review ⭐⭐⭐

“DeAr”. It starts by acknowledging the success of another film with a similar theme, but highlights the differences in storytelling and emphasis. The reviewer appreciates the director’s focus on the dynamics of relationships and the portrayal of tolerance rather than merely presenting solutions to the issue of snoring.

The performances of the lead actors, GV Prakash and Aishwarya Rajesh, are lauded, with particular praise for Aishwarya Rajesh’s portrayal. The supporting cast is also recognized for their contributions to the film.

Technically, the film is praised for its visuals and music, with the sync sound adding a lively dimension. However, pacing issues and elements of familiarity are noted as drawbacks.

Overall, the review suggests that “DeAr” is worth checking out for its entertainment value and emotional impact, despite its flaws. The rating of 3/5 indicates a moderately positive impression.

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