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Double Tuckerr Review 🌟🌟🌟

Director Meera Mahadhi’s intention seems to have been noble. He seems to have made an attempt to make a light-hearted romantic entertainer that can be enjoyed by the entire family. However, what he seems to have ended up delivering is a film that is likely to please mostly the children in the family.

The film revolves around Aravind (Dheeraj), a wealthy orphan who considers only two people important in his life. The first is a kid called Karthick, who is counting his days as he suffers from cancer, and the other is Paaru( Smruthi Venkat) , a girl who runs an NGO and with whom Aravind is in love with.An accident which happened when Aravind was a child not only claimed the lives of his parents but also left his face scarred.Aravind, who is low on self-confidence, is madly in love with Paaru. When he proposes and she declines it, he is heartbroken and attempts suicide.

However, at the last minute, just as he begins to hang, he gets a phone call from Paaru and has a change of heart. He tries to cut loose the rope but ends up dead. His spirit then meets two angels — one called Right and one called Left. Both these angels, in the form of smileys, have been with Aravind right from the time of his birth. While one has a record of all his good deeds, the other has a record of all his misdeeds.The angels say that they are to escort him to God and just as they begin to do so, they realise that they have killed Aravind ahead of his stipulated time. They decide to make amends and revive him to life, only to realise his body has gone missing. What happens then is what Double Tuckerr is all about.

The film has some good performances coming in from all its lead actors.Dheeraj and Smruthi Venkat look their parts and they are ably supported by Karunakaran, Yashika Anand, Kovai Sarala, Muneesh Kanth, Kaali Venkat, Sunil Reddy and Sha Ra. However, their performances don’t have the desired impact because of the absence of a strong plot.

One is not sure what kind of impact director Meera Mahadhi had hoped to make with his film Double Tuckerr.The film, self-admittedly, is devoid of logic. The romantic portions that appear in the film are neither moving nor entertaining. If the director’s intention was to make audiences laugh, then the film fails on that count too as most of the sequences which are aimed at making you laugh don’t work.One segment of the audience whom the film may end up pleasing is children. The presence of a few animated characters is likely to catch the attention of children, who might be thrilled to see them change avatars often. Other than that, Double Tuckerr has very little to offer in terms of actual, meaningful entertainment.

A Film Devoid Of Logic And Quality Humour 🌟🌟🌟


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