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Rebel Movie Review – 💛💛💛

Director Nikesh narrates a tale deeply influenced by an actual event that occurred in the 1980s in Kerala. The story highlights the journey of Tamil students, who were previously marginalized in a government college in Palakkad, as they stood up to advocate for fair treatment and rights.

Director Nikesh deserves praise for his decision to create a daring film centered on a delicate subject. Similarly, actor G V Prakash and actress Mamitha Baiju should be commended for their willingness to portray their respective roles in this movie. Rebel tells the tale of the underprivileged and marginalised standing up for themselves, which resonates with you. The scene leading up to the intermission is especially captivating as the young men make a bold decision to fight back, despite facing overwhelming odds.

The actor embodies the firebrand leader with his intense expressions, impeccable dialogue delivery, and nimble movements, leaving a lasting impression. His prowess shines through especially in the thrilling fight sequences, some of which are truly captivating.

Mamitha Baiju, portraying a conscientious student leader with a fair outlook, captures the audience’s hearts. Despite having limited screen time, she manages to leave a strong impact with her performance.

The film also features commendable performances from Aadithya Bhaskar, Karunas, Kalloori Vinoth, and Shalu Rahim.

G V Prakash’s background score seamlessly enhances the emotional depth of the film, working its magic on the audience.

Conversely, there are a few drawbacks in the movie. The timeline is placed in the 1980s, however, this fact isn’t effectively conveyed to the audience. Additionally, some scenes fail to leave the desired impact, being only half as powerful as they should have been. Nevertheless, there are key moments that the director has executed flawlessly. Despite occasional pacing issues, a few scenes could have been shortened to enhance the overall storytelling.

Overall, Rebel is a decorous movie that demands your undivided attention. Despite having some little minuses, it throws light upon the consistent resilience of a marginalised community as they valiantly strive to reclaim their rightful place in society. Prepare to be captivated by the raw power and emotional depth of this extraordinary tale.

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