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M.V. Diabetes and Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre Unveil “Chennai Slim & Fit 2.0” on World Diabetes Day 2023

M.V. Diabetes and Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre Unveil “Chennai Slim & Fit 2.0” on World Diabetes Day 2023

Chennai, 14th November 2023: In commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2023 on November 14th, M.V. Diabetes and Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre today hosted a grand “Health Conclave: For a Healthy Mind and Body” event aimed at fostering awareness about general well-being and the prevention of diabetes and its associated complications among the public. As part of the event, the renowned institutions proudly introduce “Chennai Slim & Fit 2.0.” This initiative aligns with their ongoing commitment to primary diabetes prevention, particularly focusing on combating the escalating obesity epidemic among children and adolescents in Chennai. The event was graced by the Chief Guest Ms. Nina Reddy, Joint Managing Director of Savera Hotel.

The launch of Chennai Slim and Fit 2.0 is a key highlight of the “Health Conclave – For a Healthy Mind and Body” event. This initiative underscores their unwavering commitment to creating a healthier future for the community.

Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Head & Chief Diabetologist at M.V. Diabetes, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts, notably with the CBSE board. Together, they implemented the Comprehensive School Health Manual (CSHM) across all zones in Chennai. An evaluation of the CSHM activities among school children revealed a significant reduction in BMI and body fat percentage, along with a notable decrease in the consumption of junk food in the intervention group compared to the control group. The Chennai Slim and Fit program has been a pivotal activity, featuring numerous screening programs in schools to gauge the prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents.

“People should lead an active life when they are still young. At least 45 minutes of exercise, such as swimming, jogging or walking is important. Practicing yoga and meditation can greatly reduce stress, which has emerged as a significant risk factor. It is better that the at-risk population can get used to diabetic food, which is less in carbohydrates and fat. With a balanced diet, regular exercise, lab investigations once in three months, and consultations from a qualified doctor, diabetes can be managed at any stage. Intermittent fasting is a good option to consider in a predominantly carbohydrate-consuming population of India. The obese and the pre-diabetics are particularly the most beneficiary group. Those on insulin should discuss with their physicians before resorting to intermittent fasting”, added Dr Vijay Viswanathan.

In light of the escalating burden of overweight and obesity among not only children but also teenagers and young adults in the post-COVID era, characterized by increased screen time and altered routines, M.V. Diabetes and Prof. M Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre have tailored their focus. Building on their past success, the institutions are gearing up to target teenagers and young adults to instill and promote healthy habits for a wholesome life.

For nearly two decades, M.V. Diabetes and Prof. M Viswanathan Research Centre have been at the forefront of efforts to address the root causes of diabetes, concentrating their efforts on the younger population to tackle obesity at its earliest stages. Recognizing the higher incidence of these conditions in private schools compared to government schools, the institutions implemented various behavioral health intervention programs. These initiatives included individualized education sessions conducted by a proficient team comprising psychologists, dietitians, physiotherapists, doctors, and the active involvement of parents and teachers. The positive outcomes encompassed changes in dietary habits, increased physical activity through compulsory participation in physical education classes, promotion of healthy snacks in school canteens, reduction of sedentary activities such as TV watching and mobile gaming, and the instilling of nutrition label reading habits.

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