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Azhagiya Kanne Tamil Review

The couple, who live in Chennai, have a baby. They then buy their own house in Chennai. Leo Sivakumar is also getting the opportunity to direct a film. As good things continue to happen in their lives, all of a sudden, a phone call to Leo Sivakumar turns everything upside down. What is that? That is the story of ‘Azhagiya Kanne’.

Leo Sivakumar, who plays the hero, is a debut actor, but he doesn’t show it on the screen. From aattam, fight scenes, romantic scenes and comedy scenes, he has instilled confidence that Tamil cinema has got an all-rounder hero.

Sanchita Shetty, who plays the female lead, is perfectly suited to the family-oriented character and has acted flawlessly.

All the scenes where the lion tiger comes in makes you laugh. Amudhavanan and Andrews have done the work given to them flawlessly.

The actresses who played the role of the hero’s mother and sister, and the actresses who played the role of Sanchita Shetty’s father, aunt and uncle are all the right choices for the role, even though they don’t have the faces they have seen much on screen.

Actor Vijay Sethupathi’s special appearance, director Prabhu Solomon’s character and Raj Kapoor’s experienced performance have added strength to the film.

Ar Ashok Kumar’s cinematography has been shot in such a way that the scenes are enjoyable. Ashok Kumar’s cinematography, which beautifully depicts the temple where lovers meet, has helped the film.

N.R.Raghunandan’s music is all about listening to the songs. The background music has travelled according to the story.

Director R Vijayakumar, who has narrated the life of an assistant director through a beautiful love story, has moved the screenplay and scenes in a very simple and natural way.

Though the story, screenplay and scenes are in the old style, director R Vijayakumar has handled the entire film in a very fashionable manner and has entertained people from all walks of life.

The film would have had a huge impact if the director, who focused on the scenes and dialogues in such a way that it was a love story that speaks of social justice, did not affect any party and had paid a little extra attention to the climax scene as well.

All in all, ‘Beautiful darling’ is a little beautiful, a little crying.

Rating 3/5

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