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Asvins Tamil Review


Indian vlogger Arjun (Vasanth Ravi), along with his group, goes to a haunted mansion in London as part of his profession. They witness strange happenings in the mansion soon after they begin their work. What’s so mysterious about the mansion? What happened there? How is Aarthi Rajagopal (Vimala Raman) related to the mansion? Did they come out alive or not? Watch the film unfold the mystery on the big screen.

Plus Points:

For any horror movie, sound design plays a crucial role in creating spine-chilling moments. Asvins excels in this aspect, making the viewers shrink deeper into their seats with its haunting sounds.

In addition to the sound design, the cinematography plays a crucial role in creating a thrilling visual experience. The visuals in the first half-hour are particularly impressive.

The plot is interesting, and credit goes to writer Tarun Teja Mallareddy for narrating it engrossingly. The seamless integration of horror and mythological elements is impressive.

Vasanth Ravi delivers a strong performance in his role. The potential of his character unfolds gradually, reaching its peak in the climax.

Despite having a limited screen time, Vimala Raman’s character is significant to the film’s proceedings in the latter half, and she delivers her best performance in recent times. The remaining actors also justify their roles.

Minus Points: A horror film should evoke fear through realistic and suspenseful visuals, a captivating score, and a story that grips the audience. While the story is intriguing, it may be too complex to understand for many.

Technical Aspects:

Tarun Teja, in his feature film debut, successfully adapts his short film Asvins into a compelling horror flick. The technical team, including cinematographer A M Edwin Sakay, music director Vijay Siddharth, sound mixer Harish and production designer Don Bala, deserve praise for their excellent contributions. The film boasts high production values.

Editing by Venkat Raajen is mostly good, but a few unnecessary scenes in the second half could have been trimmed to improve the pacing. The crisp runtime adds to the overall enjoyment of the movie.


On the whole, Asvins is a psychological horror thriller that thrills only in parts. Vasanth Ravi’s performance, the effective sound design, and a few visuals are the strengths of this movie. However, the complex plot and some unnecessary scenes are the drawbacks. If you are a hardcore fan of horror thrillers, give it a watch this weekend but keep your expectations low.

Rating 3/5

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