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Paani Poori movie review

Story:Linga and Champika are lovers. Champika works in the robotics field in a corporate company.When they deiced to get married the duo feel that being in love and getting marriage are very different.They come to a conclusion to stay in an apartment and stay in it together for seven days.During this seven days they argue and fight on various issues.Finally they get separated when an argument breaks about who will take care of Champika’s father after their marriage.What happens next forms the rest if the story.Analysis:Director Balaji Venugopal has handled a contemporary subject in a very matured manner.He has not gone overboard or preachy anywhere.The director has presented the movie very close to reality.Balaji has also touched upon the concept of single parenting which is on the rise in the past few years.Linga and Champika have done their part well as the lovers.They have expressed the love, ego and anger of the characters in an effective manner.Elangovan Kumaravel has once again established why is considered one of the most versatile actor.He does complete justice to his role and is very impressive.Rest of the cast including Vinoth, Kanika have all done their part well.Music by Navneeth Sundar compliments the emotions effectively.Camerawork by Balaji is aesthetic and gels well with the theme kf the movie.

Rating: 3.2/5

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