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Takkar Review

Handsome hero Siddharth is now back with a film named Takkar. Divyansha Kaushik played the female lead, and the film is directed by Karthik G Krish. The film hit the screens today and let’s see how it is.


Distressed by the poor economic status of his family, Gunasekhar (Siddharth) decides to make it big in life. He goes to Vizag and starts doing petty jobs but faces bullying wherever he works. When life offers him a chance to become rich, Gunasekhar decides to grab it despite the unlawful nature of the work. But he fails to do it and lands in problems. What did Gunasekhar do next? How did the entry of Lucky (Divyansha Kaushik), a rich girl, into Gunasekhar’s life change his fate? This forms part of the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

The movie starts on an interesting note, with Siddharth trying to commit suicide. Then the flashback portion begins, and it establishes the role of the protagonist neatly. Scenes featuring workplace bullying have come quite well, and they help us connect with Siddharth’s character. Hence the wrong path he chooses to earn big seems justifiable.

Siddharth carries the film all the way on his shoulders. He is seen throughout the movie, and the actor gives a sincere performance as a youngster who wants to get rid of poverty. His comedy timing is neat, and the actor still has that charm in him. Divyansha is okay in her role that focuses more on skin show. A couple of action set pieces and a few comedy scenes offer the respite.

Minus Points:

It is surprising what made the talented cast choose this script which doesn’t have enough meat. Neither the film has a good love track nor any thrilling moments. Siddharth and other actors try hard to infuse life in this lifeless action thriller, but ultimately they can’t save this ship from sinking.

Technical Aspects:

Nivas K Prasanna’s songs are forgettable, and the background score, too, doesn’t help the film. The cinematography by Murugesan is decent. The production values are okay. The editing is below-par as the movie is dragged out for no reason. The VFX works are substandard, especially in the chase sequences.

Coming to the writer-director, Karthik G Krish, he did a poor job with Takkar. He gets it wrong completely with the story and screenplay, and hence even the skillful actors couldn’t do much. The movie is filled with many boring and dull scenes, which just add to the length. Had the director concentrated on the storytelling, the film could have at least been a watchable fare.


On the whole, Takkar is a forgettable outing that barely has any engaging moments. The weak plot and the dull narrative tests the patience levels big time. Siddharth performs well, and there are a couple of good action set pieces. But apart from that, the movie is a disappointing fare. You can skip it.

Openmictamil Rating 2.5 / 5

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