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Theerkadarishi Review

The unidentified person contacts the police control room and informs some people in advance of the impending accident and asks them to save them. However, the police are struggling to save them as they do not give proper information about the incidents. At the same time, the person who informs the police also informs the media. As a result, he becomes popular among the people as a prophet who knows in advance what is happening. Who is that person? Are the incidents he says an accident? Isn’t it murder? Did the police catch him? Isn’t it? That’s the rest of the story of the film.

Ajmal, who plays the role of a cop, plays the hero of the story, but the turning point given by his role in the final scene is unexpected.

Dushyant and Jaiwant, who have played important roles in the film, are the perfect choice for the characters and do their job right and grab attention.

Sathyaraj, who is the central character of the film but has created expectations through his voice, appears at the end of the film and receives applause. His experienced performance has added immense strength to the character and to the film.

Sriman, Devadarshini, YG Mahendran, Poornima Bhagyaraj and all the actors in the film have added strength to the characters with their experienced performances.

Cinematographer Lakshmanan’s work has added more strength to the film. The night scenes and live locations in the film have been shot very well and the scenes have been shot in a grand manner.

G. Balasubramaniyam’s music and the pro-cop song attracts attention. The background score has travelled according to the story.

Ranjith CK’s editing has summed up the scenes in a concise and elegant manner.

Producer P Sathish Kumar has penned the screenplay and P G Mohan and L R Sundarapandian have jointly directed the film. It is commendable that the suspense action story has been directed very well and has a good message for the society in it.

While the events narrated by the prophet and the frustration of the police who travel towards it move the film interestingly, it is a huge logic violation that the police are struggling to find out the background of the series of accidents and eventually showing Sriman finding it out.

In particular, while Sriman’s idea of helping to find out the background of the crimes is one of the most common ones to be dealt with in police investigations during a series of incidents, the biggest weakness for the film is that the directors have set the scenes with the same as a big suspense.

On the whole, if you look at the film without looking at the weakness, the prophet will definitely be an interesting suspense thriller even if it is a modest film.

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