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Viduthalai – Part 1 Movie Review

The government has decided to drive away the tribal people for mineral resources and hand over the hill of Arumapuri to a foreign company. The People’s Army, an organisation that opposes the government’s plan, is taking up arms and fighting. Since mineral resources cannot be taken away as long as the organisation exists, the government is portraying the People’s Army as a terrorist organisation, putting the blame for the train blasts in the area on the organisation. Following this, the police are camping on the hill to nab Vijay Sethupathi, the leader of the People’s Army in the name of ‘Operation Ghost’.

Meanwhile, Suri joins the police force as a jeep driver who captures the people’s army chief. Suri is punished departmentally due to the wrath of a higher official for being humane. DSP Gautham Menon, on the other hand, has been appointed as the head of Operation Ghost project. The face of Makkal Padai leader Vijay Sethupathi, who has not yet come out in his investigation, has been revealed to the outside world.

At this stage, incidents of clashes between the People’s Army and the Police Force are on the rise. Angered by the loss of lives on both sides, the police torture all the men and women in the village in the name of investigation. What did Suri do to save them when he saw this? Has Vijay Sethupathi, the leader of the People’s Army, who is the people’s hope, been caught? Isn’t it? That’s the rest of the story of the film.

Soori, who plays the female lead in the story, has perfectly suited the role of a police constable named Kumaresan. Nowhere does the actor know that soori is soori, he travels as the character of Kumaresan and makes us travel with him. Suri, who plays a very strong record of the fact that it is the duty of the police to save the lives of the people, shines as the hero of the story everywhere in the scenes where he accepts the punishment without apologizing to the higher official and executes the punishment without apologizing to the higher officials as what he has done is not wrong, and fighting with the higher authorities to save the women who are trapped in the cruelty of the police. Suri, who has worked hard in a thrilling action sequence, takes the gun in his hand and the theatre is shaken by the sound of applause.

Though there are not many dialogues, vijay sethupathi has given a lot of expectations as makkal padai leader vaathiyar even though he suddenly appears in some places and disappears suddenly. If fans are whistling and shaking the theatres with just a few minutes of his debut with his face covered, vijay sethupathi’s political dialogues in the second part are sure to explode into atom bombs.

Who is the leader of the people? In addition to the first part, the lead given at the end of the film about his activities in the second part and his conversations with government officials and how the action sequences will be has created huge expectations for the second part and Vijay Sethupathi.

Director Gautham Menon, who plays the role of DSP Sunil Menon, has added strength to the character with his usual style and classy performance.

Chetan, who plays the role of the head of the police force, plays the role of a bully in the role of a man of malice and vengeance.


Bhavani Sri, who plays the female lead, is a suitable choice for the role of a tribal girl and impresses with her sizeable performance.

Rajeev Menon who plays the role of chief secretary, Director Thamizh who plays a police officer, Munnar Ramesh and all the actors in the film have done justice to the characters.

Director Vetrimaaran and Jayamohan’s dialogues are a testament to the story-telling politics and oppression.

Cinematographer Velraj, who makes us travel into the hill village with his camera eyes, has shot the scenes in a very natural and grand manner.

Ilayaraja’s music is “Kaattu Malli…” The song has already become a huge hit. The song has travelled with the story in such a way that it perfectly meets the expectations of where the song will be played. The background score adds strength to the story and the scenes.

Since the film is directed by Vetrimaaran titled ‘Viduthalai’, there was a huge expectation for the film. Director Vetrimaaran has given the film in such a way that it meets those expectations perfectly.

Director Vetrimaaran, who moves the screenplay at jet speed from the first scene to the final scene of the film, has amazed us with the storyline and the location in the film and the way it is visualised.

Even though the first half of the film moves so interestingly that it doesn’t seem to be over, the film cries out the emotions of the people very deep in our minds. Although there is a lot of interest in the second half of the film, the second half ends in the same action sequence and it feels like it ends abruptly. At the same time, director Vetrimaaran has created a lot of expectations on the second part by showing what will be the role of Vijay Sethupathi in the second part.

Is it possible to give a short story as such a huge work, as a message that people need to know, and as a commercial film that people enjoy? Director Vetrimaaran, who has proved not once but every time that he can, has proved himself to be the most important director of Indian cinema this time too.

Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐

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