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Memories Movie Review

Vetri is an actor who has acted as hero in films like 8 Thottakkal, Jeevi and Vanam and is emerging as a promising star. The film “Memories”, in which he plays the lead role, has been made in the style of a psychology-thriller. The film is directed by Malayalam director Shyam. The film has music by Gavaskar Avinash. Actor Ramesh Thilak is playing the lead role. Ready to read the full review of Memories?


Memories, featuring Vetri as the protagonist, is a crime thriller that falls short of expectations due to poor filmmaking and a lack of atmosphere. While the film’s story has the potential to be a gripping crime novel, its execution fails to impress on the big screen.

The movie follows Venky (Vetri), a man suffering from memory loss and accused of multiple murders. As he tries to uncover the truth about his past, he is confronted with a series of characters who try to convince him of his guilt. But who is Venky really, and who is the true killer? The film’s plot, which involves memory erasing and implantation, is complex, but ultimately fails to engage the audience.

The staging and background score are the film’s main weaknesses, lacking the necessary darkness and tension to elevate the thriller factor. Furthermore, the action sequences are amateurish, and the flashbacks within flashbacks detract from the film’s clarity.

Vetri’s performance is underwhelming compared to his previous works, although Parvathy Arun delivers a decent performance. Overall, Memories leaves us only with a dreadful memory that we might not want to take back home.

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