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Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital organises Human Chain & Walkathon to create awareness on Glaucoma disease and treatment

Chennai, 11th March 2023: Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, Chennai today organized a Human chain to raise awareness on Glaucoma disease and treatment as a part of World Glaucoma Week (March 12-18, 2023). More than 150 members belonging to different age groups comprising staff of Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital and the general public held placards participated in the walkathon and human chain which created a public awareness about the importance of Glaucoma disease and treatment. Mr. Hitler, Assistant Commissioner of Police – Traffic, South Chennai was the chief guest for this awareness event.
Dr. Srinivasa Rao, Regional Head – Clinical Services, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital said, “ India can easily be the world’s capital of glaucoma, a group of eye disorders that leads to irreversible blindness. In India 12 million are affected and 1.2 million are blind due to glaucoma. Prevalence of primary angle closure disease in south India is 1.58%. Prevalence of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) in rural south India population 1.62% and 98.5% were not aware of the disease, in urban population the prevalence was 3.51% higher and more than 90% were not aware of the disease.”
He added that there are no known measures to prevent glaucoma. The only way to prevent blindness from glaucoma, which shows no symptoms in the early stage, is early diagnosis and treatment that could halt the progression of this silent thief of sight.
Dr. Sugepriya K, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital said “Glaucoma can strike one at any age. However, those who are over 40 years, and who have a family history of glaucoma, and diabetics, and people with high refractive errors and those who take steroid containing eye drops, pills, inhalers, and skin creams are considered at risk populations. They should screen for glaucoma, every year”.
Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital, through its network of hospitals, is creating awareness among the public that clinical examination is the only way to catch glaucoma and early detection and treatment will prevent vision loss. And with prompt attention from the patients and with contribution from the primary care physicians and prompt referrals to the ophthalmologist, glaucoma can be controlled and kept in check.

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