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Bakasuran Review

Selvaraghavan, a Shiva devotee, kills a college professor, the warden of the college girls’ hostel and the hostel guard one by one. Natty Natraj, a retired army officer on the other hand, comes across many startling revelations while investigating the mysterious death of his nephew. Natty investigates the matter and discovers that many young girls have died under mysterious circumstances and that there are big people behind it.

Natty, who decides to punish the culprits with proper evidence and decides to tear their masks in front of the people, learns that Selvaraghavan is also suffering from such a problem. With the help of Selvaraghavan, Natty decides to tear the mask of the criminals and tries to meet Selvaraghavan, did he meet Selvaraghavan? What is the mystery behind their problem? Did they punish the big points responsible for it? Isn’t it? That is the story of ‘Bakasuran’.

Selvaraghavan, who plays the hero of the story, is perfectly suited for the role of a pathetic man who is affected, but in many places he is unsuitable for the role of an aggressive Shiva devotee. Especially “Shiva Shivayam…” From the lip movement of the song to killing those who ruined his daughter, in many places, it’s a huge disappointment that her acting doesn’t get along with the character.

The character of Natty Natraj, who plays a retired army officer, has been used as an investigating officer to unravel the mysteries. Since he has already played the role of a cop, showing a bit of a difference and portraying his character as a YouTuber in accordance with the contemporary times has added strength to the story. Natty Natraj has also done well to do justice to his character.

Taraksh, who plays selvaraghavan’s daughter, Radha Ravi, K Rajan and Kool Suresh, who play the villain, have played their roles flawlessly.

Mansoor Ali Khan, Rams, Sasi Laya, Arunodayan, Kutty Gopi, Devadarshini, BL Thenappan and Gunanidhi who come to a song, even those who have done small roles, attract attention with their limited acting.

Cinematographer Farooq J Badshah has shot the scenes neatly and added more strength to the film. Though the cinematography is simple, it easily conveys the strength of the story to the audience.

Sam CS background music is intimidating. Sam CS, who has so elegantly conveyed both the dangers the film has to tell and both the anguish and aggression of the victims through background music, could have paid more attention to the songs.

S Devaraj’s editing moves the film without getting bored and what happens next? It also makes the scenes travel with the expectation.

Director Mohan G, who carved a niche for himself with films like ‘Draupadi’ and ‘Rudrathandavam’, has been made to follow the path of ‘Bakasuran’ for everyone.

Director Mohan G can be personally appreciated for bringing to light the shocking facts behind criminal acts against women in the society and giving awareness on how women should be cautious without getting caught up in it.

Director Mohan G, who has crafted the screenplay and scenes in such a way that the crime suspense thriller relates the film to the emotions of human beings and moves it without getting bored, is moving the film fast.

What will happen next throughout the first half? Moving on with the expectation, being able to guess what is going to happen in the second half and Selvaraghavan’s faltering performance makes the film slack.

However, fans tend to forget about the shortcomings as the film captures so strongly the fact that the smartphone, which occupies a very important place in education, and the internet play a role in the destruction of students as well.

Director Mohan G, who has warned and advised the safety of girls and the dangers surrounding them through cell phones, is welcome to have given a thing that society needs as a complete commercial film.

On the whole, ‘Bakasuran’ is definitely a must watch film for all sections of the society.

Over all Bakasuran – ⭐⭐⭐

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