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Thalaikoothal Review

Samuthirakani works as a security at a private firm. He is married to Vasundhra and the couple have a son.Samuthirakani’s bed ridden father also stays along with them. Except for Samuthirakani every one else sees his father as a burden. Everyone suggests to Samuthirakani to perform ‘Thalaikoothal’ to his father. Thalaikoothal is a practice in which elderly people are killed by their own family. However, Samuthirakani does not agree to it. What did Samuthirakani do after this forms the rest of the story.

Director Jayaprakash has took a sensitive issue and has delivered it earnestly. The film raises several questions about the practice of Thalaikoothal which is still followed in southern parts of Tamilnadu.

Samuthirakani has delivered a life time performance in his role. As usual he has got into the skin of the character. He has effectively displayed the various emotions his character goes through. Vasundhra is very natural in her role.Be it the scenes where she fights with her husband or the emotionals sequences he makers her mark. Kathir is impressive in the flashback sequences.

He has shown variations with his bodylanguage and dialogue delivery.Rest of the supporting cast including Aadukalam Murugadoss, Vaiyapuri and Kathanandhi have all done their part well.Kannan Narayanan’s bgm gels well with the theme of the movie. Martin Donraj’s camerawork is impressive.

Over All : #Thalaikoothal review: Starring a fantastic #Samuthirakani, #Jayaprakash’s poignant drama about a son’s fight to save his comatose father has brilliant performances, great sound design, and stunning visual imagery that speaks of the value of a life

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐

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