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Oh My Ghost Movie Review

Casting : Sunny Leone, Sathish, Yogi Babu, Ramesh Thilak, Arjunan, Darsha Gupta, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Thangadurai, KPY Bala

Directed By : R.Yuvan

Music By : Songs : Javed Riaz – Backround Score : Dharan

Produced By : K.Sasikumar and D.Veerasakthi

Sathish, who came to Tamil cinema as a comedian, is currently acting in many films as the hero of the story. Sathish starrer ‘Oh My Ghost’ starring Sathish in the lead role has been released in theatres today. Sunny Leone is acting for the first time in Tamil in this film. Ever since there were reports that Sunny Leone will be starring in Oh My Ghost, the expectations from the film have been huge among the fans. Directed by Yuvan, the film also stars Sathish, Sunny Leone, Ramesh Thilak and Dharshak gupta.

Friends Sathish and Ramesh have prepared scripts for Thilak A films and are looking for actors to act in them. Satish’s girlfriend Dharsha Gupta often has ghost dreams and one day, just as Satish and Ramesh Thilak are dying, Darshana has a ghostly dream and immediately comes to their house to see them. Then a ghost enters Darsa Gupta’s body and asks him to take him to Anakondapuram immediately. What happened after the three of them went there is the story of Oh My Ghost.

Sathish and Ramesh Thilak’s comedy galatas together throughout the first half create laughter in many places and their efforts to cast someone in the film they are making are enjoyable. As usual, Sathish looks stunning in his online punches. Oh My Ghost is a full-fledged film for Dharsha Gupta, who has been playing small roles and has excelled in acting and beauty. Sunny Leone, who comes in the second half, takes the whole story along. Although his screen presence is good, acting also requires some improvement. And the dubbing didn’t go well for him.

Director Yuvan has thought of a few new scenes in the usual ghost story. The comedy is good in some places but doesn’t work in most places. They have spent more on the film, although the graphics could have cost more on the scenes. Because the lack of proper graphic visuals makes us one in the story. Yogi Babu and GP Muthu have given guest performances. Sunny Leone fans will definitely watch ‘Oh My Ghost’ in theatres.


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