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However well parents bring up their children to the best of their abilities and capacities, after they have their own families, the same children, now grown up in age and stature, only look upon their parents either as a burden or as a means to better their financial standing -this is the crux of this flick’s plot narrated in a humorous manner which is thoroughly enjoyable!

Linga is shaping up well as a character actor film after film and comedy comes to him in a very natural way! Known more for serious performances, Vivek Prasanna has ventured humor this time and has come up triumphs! Gayathrie has collaborated with Vijay Sethupathi more than once, that too, equally well and here it is one more time that she has scored well. Abarnathi is adequate as Linga’s wife. Dhanam as an Alzheimer patient is a perfect choice for the role of Visalam! The two child artistes too have made their mark effectively! Charlie plays the head of the family whose presumed death paves way for a busload of humorous situations!

One is reminded of veteran Nagesh’s superlative performance as a ‘dead body’ in Magalir Mattum while viewing Charlie’s portrayal as ‘one’! It is a matter of misinterpretation when Vinayagam (Charlie) is assumed to have died in the debris of a fallen down Shopping Complex with the entire family (excluding kids!) hoping to receive Rs. 20, 00, 000 as compensation to the families of those who died! A couple of days later, Vinayagam shows up at the door much to the shock of all of them! But not before long, he dies and they hatch a plot to take and leave the corpse amidst the debris so that they too can receive the compensation!

The ‘plan’ gets executed and finally Vinayagam’s body is left on the road, uncared for and unattended! The director’s touches of humor sizzles most of the time and the lead performers bring the house down by their antics while reflecting their greediness! Yet, the film leaves behind some food for thought! A note of alert as well a stern warning to those elders who are one foot from the grave!

Over All #Udanpaal is an exceptionally well made dark comedy drama that just doesn’t stop with making you laugh.

Openmictamil Rating ⭐⭐⭐


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