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Grand Launch TrueFitt & Hill

The World’s Oldest Barbershop – Truefitt & Hill now in Chennai

Chennai Alwarpet gets a Royal Touch with Truefitt & Hill

Chennai, 18th Dec 2022: Truefitt & Hill, the world’s oldest and most prestigious barbershop, is excited to announce the opening of its newest location in Alwarpet. With a reputation for providing luxury grooming services for over two centuries and 28 exclusive state-of-the-art barbershops across 15+ states in India, Truefitt & Hill is bringing its luxurious grooming experience to the city of Chennai.
Truefitt & Hill is known for its royal touch and attention to detail, making it the preferred choice for the British opulent crust. The company is excited to bring its services to Chennai Alwarpet, where the demand for exclusive male grooming options has been on the rise.
The launch of this location is part of the company’s plan to open 50 luxury barbershops in 30 cities across the Indian Sub-continent by March 2025. It was inaugurated by Mr. Prannay Dokkania, Managing Director & COO, Lloyds Luxuries alongwith Ms. Sangeetha Rajesh, Director, Sangeetha Wellness Studio – Franchise Owner, Truefitt & Hill, Alwarpet (Chennai).
The new 1000sq ft store in Alwarpet boasts elegant interiors, featuring warm ivory and mahogany wood accents, creating a relaxing atmosphere for Truefitt & Hill’s discerning patrons. The store’s spacious and luxurious design upholds the brand’s legacy of providing a top-notch grooming experience.
Along with the signature services like Royal Shave, Royal Haircut, Truefitt & Hill also offers a privileged Membership, where patrons can avail complimentary benefits, and special discounts across several luxury brands.Truefitt & Hill’s services offer a calming experience with a touch of regality that has become an integral part of modern life.

Truefitt & Hill has already established a range of men’s grooming products like shampoo, serum, aftershave balm, bath and shower gel, colognes, luxury shaving soap, shaving cream, and brushes, among others. Its wide range of products has been carefully selected to help men look their best for any occasion, whether it be a date or a business meeting.

In addition to its reputation as a provider of the highest quality traditional English fragrances, shaving essentials, and men’s grooming kits, Truefitt & Hill’s barbershops offer their exclusive clientele a level of luxury service that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. The brand is constantly in high demand and is looking forward to exploring new opportunities and expanding its presence in the grooming industry in the coming years.

On speaking at the launch, Mr. Krishna Gupta, Chairman, Lloyds Luxuries Ltd. shares, “It is indeed a progressive sign for our growing industry of luxury grooming market and how personal care and grooming has become an integral part of our modern living. The newest location at Alwarpet in Chennai is a perfect match for the luxe brand, as we can reach out to our patrons in this upmarket area which has become a retail paradise and a haven for HNI & UHNI’s”

Mr. Prannay Dokkania, Managing Director & COO, Lloyds Luxuries excitedly shares, “In the last decade, we see a considerable change in male grooming, and men have become more conscious about what they wear and how they look. We are the market leaders in men’s grooming products which are specially chosen to suit Indian men. We plan to reach 50 barbershops in the top 30 cities in India Sub-continent by the end of 2025.”

Ms. Sangeetha Rajesh, Director, Sangeetha Wellness Studio – Franchise Owner, Truefitt & Hill, Alwarpet (Chennai) opined, “Having groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill continues the legacy of being the bastion of style even today. It’s an honour & a privilege to partner with Lloyds Luxuries Ltd and bring the royal touch to the city of Chennai. We believe we’re uniquely positioned to add value to the men’s luxury grooming connoisseurs in the city for the very first time”

Established in 1805 in old bond street London, Truefitt & Hill introduced its first product in 1875 which was graced by Queen Victoria. They have groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain through nine consecutive reigns and are the Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh.

In 1912, Truefitt was found in the wreck of ill-fated Titanic ship. In 1935 Francis Truefitt merged with Edwin Hill and became Truefitt & Hill. In 1975 it moved to St. James street from Old bond street and still remains there. In 2000 Truefitt found a prominent place in Guinness book of world record for being the oldest barbershop in the world and positioned itself as a market leader in next two decades.

Thus playing a pivotal role in preparing Britain’s gentry for more than 200 years have now verged its boundaries across globe and remains as bastion of style

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