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Naai Sekhar Returns Review

Vadivelu is one of the most popular comedians in the World of Tamil Cinema. After a long time, actor Vadivelu is now acting in a film titled ‘Naai Sekhar Returns’. The film is directed by Suraj. The film is produced by Lyca Productions. Shivani Narayanan is paired opposite Vadivel in the film. Apart from them, the film also stars Reddin Kingsley, Anandaraj, Vignesh Kanth, Lollu Saba Seshu and many others. Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music for the film. Has Naai Sekhar Returns, which has been released with many expectations, received a good response from the audience? Isn’t it? Let’s see.

Anandraj and Vadivelu are the kidnappers in the film. Das Das alias Anandaraj kidnaps women. Vadivelu aka Dog Sekhar kidnaps expensive dogs for money. Vadivelu then kidnaps Anand Raj’s favourite dog. This causes problems for both of them. Following this, Vadivel comes to know about his family’s past and how the dog was kidnapped.

Their dog is located in a very cold maxi place in Hyderabad. Moreover, Vadivelu tries to rescue the dog who is the rasi of their family. Did Vadivelu succeed in this endeavour? Isn’t it? Was the issue between Anandaraj and Vadivel amicable? That’s the rest of the story of the film.

After a long gap, Vadivelu has made his entry into the role of dog Sekhar. The hero has played a different character who kidnaps dogs. But it can be said that he has stumbled in some places. Those who thought that Vadivelu’s film is just a laugh is a bit disappointed. However, Anandraj’s performance has supported the film. Moreover, the scenes where Vadivelu and Anandraj come in have been well received by the audience. Apart from this, there is nothing much to say in the film. Shivani Narayanan plays the sisters of villain Max in the film. He comes in the second half. Shivani’s performance is commendable. Even after a while, he has done the job he was given perfectly.

Had the director paid some attention to the screenplay, Vadivelu’s comeback film Naai Sekhar would have given a terrific hit. But the director has faltered in the storyline. The song has also given a good hand to the background score for the film. However, it was the film that didn’t help Vadivel. Only a few comedies have been set for the film, but otherwise there is no big deal of interest or humour. Dog Sekhar Returns is a modest film for the fans who went with many expectations.

Plus Point :

Vadivelu, Anandraj’s performance special

The background score and the songs are the strength of the film.

Vadivelu’s returns have been welcomed by the fans.

Minus Point :

The director should have focused on the screenplay.

There is not much interest in the film.

The comedies are also not set.

The first half goes on very patiently.

Vadivelu’s dog Sekhar Returns on the whole – Disappointing 👎

Over All : Vadivelu only is Comback ⭐⭐

Naai Sekar Returns to stream on this platform after theatrical run- Cinema  express

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