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Therkathi Veeran Review

Sarat, who is the president of the fishermen’s association, is an angry and aggressive man, but he has been helping the people who trust him a lot. As a result, his enemies also increase. At one point all of Sara’s enemies get together and decide to destroy him. But did Sarat recover from it when the enemies realised that they could not directly fight him and win, trapping him in a murder charge? Isn’t it? ‘Thenkathi Veeran’ is about saying this with commercial elements and action sequences.

Sarath, who made his debut in the first film itself with many avatars as hero, director, producer and lyricist, is seen performing action sequences at a height of 6 feet. If you pay a little attention to dialogue pronunciation and acting, she will definitely scare Kollywood as a villain even if she is not a hero.

Anagha, who plays the female lead, has done the work of coming and going in the song and some scenes flawlessly.

Kabir Duhan Singh, who plays the villain, has acted as a threat as usual. Other villains like RNR Manohar, Pawan, Rajasimhan and Aryan, who play the role of a minister, have done his job well.

Vela Ramamoorthy who plays the hero’s father, Renuka who plays a mother, Uma Padmanabhan who plays a lawyer, Ashok, Bharani and Vinod who play the hero’s friends are the best choices for the role.

N Shanmuga Sundaram’s cinematography has added strength to the film. Especially the way the fight scenes were filmed is intimidating. The cinematographer, who has shot all the action sequences in a grand manner, has worked as per the wishes of the director.

Srikanth Deva’s music and lyrics and background score have travelled according to the film. The song “Kadalamma..” in the voice of music director Deva makes you dance. “What penance i have done..” the song is heard over and over again. The other melody songs are also sweet.

Sarat, who has a double horse of director and hero along with the third horse of the producer, has done it tactfully. Keeping more of what comes out well for him in the film and keeping it enjoyable has added strength to the film.

Generally, there are a few fight sequences in the story, but in this film, the story comes and goes between the fight sequences. Hero and director Sarath, who is so much an action lover, could have avoided giving too much of it even if he had a grand party for action-lovers.

All in all, ‘Thekkathi Veeran’ is suitable for action film lovers.

Openmictamil Rating ⭐⭐⭐

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