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Gatta Kusthi Review

Vishnu Vishal has proved to be one of the successful actors and producers in the entertainment industry. After the grand success of FIR and films like Ratsasan, he is back again with Matti Kusthi, which is Gatta Kusthi in Tamil. The film will hit the screens today. Ravi Teja is a co-producer of the film.

Veera (Vishnu Vishal) lives a happy and joyful life without any goals. His family forces him to get married. He says ‘Yes’. Since he wants a bride with very long hair, he struggles to find a suitable match. At last, he is able to see all qualities in Keerthi (Aishwarya Lakshmi) and marries her.Later, Veera gets to know that Keerthi is not only a tomboyish woman but also a wrestler. Meanwhile, Veera has a rivalry with Das (Ajay), who runs a factory in his village.

Performances: Vishnu Vishal is fine as a happy-to-go-lucky man. We have seen him in these sorts of roles. Nothing is so intersecting about his character in the film. Aishwarya Lekshmi does a fantastic job as a wrestler. She steals the show with her incredible performance. The rest of the cast and crew does a fine job in the film.

Gatta Kusthi was billed as a comedy and family entertainer but its comedy is weak. It’s no masala film either. Some comedy scenes worked here and there. Beyond that, there’s nothing new or interesting in the film.

It is a regular and predictable film. Everything in the film is as usual, be it the screenplay, narration, or songs. There are many unwanted songs in the film. The selection of the cast and crew is not so impressive. It is Ravi Teja’s film as he is a producer of the film. It was surprising to see how Ravi Teja was so excited to produce the film.

Openmictamil Rating : Gatta Kusthi is a time-pass entertainer !!


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