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Pollachi Movie Audio Launch

Director and Producer Nesam Murali’s Buddha Films is producing the film ‘Pollachi’ starring newcomers in the lead role. The film based on the gruesome incidents involving sexual harassments on young girls in Pollachi had its audio launch in Chennai, graced by leading personalities from the film industry and political domain.

Here are some of the excerpts from the event.

Actor Shankar “I have never had such experience of speaking on the stage. I am elated to see eminent personalities gracing the occasion of my first movie. I
thank director for giving this opportunity. Srikanth Deva has delivered outstanding songs for this movie. The film’s final output has shaped out really well. I request everyone to watch the movie in the theaters. Thank you.”

Director and Producer Nesam Murali said, “We had to undertake lots of research for this movie and had exerted lots of efforts to create this movie. I can assure that Pollachi will leave a deep impact on audiences as they walk out of the theaters. I request everyone to support this movie.”

Co Producer S. Gokul Prasad said, ‘Although the movie is based on real incidents, we haven’t attacked any political parties. This movie will speak about the tormenting pain and pathos of the victims.”

R.V. Udhaya Kumar said, “The director’s union is happy and proud about Nesam Murali. He keeps making movies that resonates the pain and pathos of innocent people. There might be a thought in everyone’s mind on ‘how can a single movie bring a change or revolution?’ But just imagine the changes that we have seen where Government has issued Ration cards to affected victims after watching a movie. One can make any movies, but at the intention and clarity about the final product should be considered. I humbly request everyone not to make movies based on religious feud and confrontations as it will leave stir the clashes. Today’s situation is worse and we need to handle our works with scrutinizing efforts. The movie is based on true incidents. I wish great success for the entire team.”

Music Director Srikanth Deva said, “I am elated to the core. Every time Nesam Murali creates a product, it’s completely different and unique. This movie will vent out the emotional pain and pathos of the affected victims. It’s a great honour to have the iconic Thirumalavan sir gracing this occasion and wishing us good success. This movie is made at a shoestring budget, and I request everyone to support us.

Communist Leader K Balakrishnan said, “I wish the entire team and Nesam for taking up a sensitive and important issue as the backdrop for this movie. We are in a situation, where commercial movies strike good results, but the message-oriented movies fail to clasp that stature. I am glad to see the bold attempt of this team to create a movie with good message. Pollachi incident was a hell that happened in the presence of us. The case is still pending, and what’s so pathetic is that the case file hasn’t been prepared even after four years. This scenario has to change. The Indian Judicial system has to be transformed for its process is too complicated. This movie will speak about the pain. I wish the entire team for success.”

Director RK Selvamani said, “It’s enlivening to see this event happening at our Director’s Union. The judicial system in our country is far better than other countries. However, the problem lies beneath the process of facilitating and executing them. This situation has to change. This movie delves into the complex problem, and it’s important from which perspective, the story is told. In India, any stories can be made as movies. A movie with profanity will be encouraged, but not a movie based on true incidents. I have experienced this problem in my career as well. Reality is always bitter. These days, social media are making good impact. At the same time, an individual’s phone is no more a privacy, and this generation of youngsters must be imparted with this message clearly. This movie will speak about it clearly. I wish the entire team for success of this movie.

Thiru Thol Thirumavalavan said, “More than what a movie conveys, the box office collection has become the top priority. These days, there are lots of debates and voices opined about the social equality and caste values, but the violence against women aren’t curbed down.
Right from what a girl should wear, what she must study and even bearing child, everything comes under the family insistence and influence. In this manner, the society and culture always tries to hamper the progression of woman. In my perspective, every home and family is a Pollachi to women. However, the incident that happened in Pollachi has now brought to light about the evil. These stories must be discussed and exhibited over and again on the screens. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.”

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