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The Jitters behind the Glitters Book Launch ! Megha Bhatia

Celebrity Wedding Photographer Megha Bhatia releases her first book ‘The Jitters behind the Glitters’ in the presence of Puja Puneet Gupta and Surendran Jayasekar on 7th September 2022, Wednesday. 

The book reveals the raw and emotional stories of the families, the brides and grooms. It is a reminder to the brides and grooms – to – be that it is not just the wedding that matters but the marriage that they are about to walk into and how to work towards making it a beautiful one.  

About the Book:

The Jitters behind the Glitters is a book which is a collection of short stories, experiences, feelings and the cumbersome yet joyful process of making a wedding what it ultimately looks like. The stories are a compilation of the weddings through the lens of the silent spectator, the wedding photographer. It brings to you the stories of crippling heartache, heart-warming romance and sudden realizations of impending love. The book speaks volumes about the abandoned facets of a wedding that often sob in silence. 

The book touches on many such facets of a marriage. Everything that glitters is not gold, and the book takes you behind the scenes to the people who have their share of strokes in the painting of a picture perfect wedding. It talks about their journeys, their struggles and their creations too. It will break a lot of myths and build a faith in the institution of marriage. The Jitters behind the glitters, is therefore a reflection of the twists, turns and U – turns of weddings and the faith in the institution of marriage in the present day.   

About the author, Megha Bhatia: 

Megha Y Bhatia is a famous Child star turned into Wedding Filmmaker. She has been holding the strings at Israni Photography & Films for over 10 years now showcasing her love for essaying stories through her films, which last a lifetime in every household.

Being a part of the wedding jargon for so long now, she has turned her passion into a niche at the young age of 32. With the vivacious experiences with different cultures, communities, rituals & unique love stories infused with the Indian family drama, she thought of bringing out to the world, her versions to these real time stories. Unlike Movies, being in the wedding industry gives her just one chance to capture the emotions involved in a wedding, with no retakes. The world perceives it to be also magical & beautiful, but no one knows the real emotion, pain & joy behind all that is weaved in a 5 mins short film.

This Book is her attempt to throw some light on the different aspects of weddings.  Megha Bhatia is a passionate storyteller who witnesses beautiful stories and weaves them through her lens. Being a die-hard Bollywood fan, she finds stories in the smallest of episodes and events having covered over a thousand weddings across her journey of 8 years as a photographer, she is witness to the whole jargon that goes behind the big fat Indian weddings. She is set on a journey to bring out what lies behind the glitter and glamour of these weddings  

For more information: 

Amazon Link:   
Publication: The Write Order Publication 
Price of the book: Rs. 350

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