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Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona Review

Kannada cinema is glorious like never before and there are several interesting set of films that are made aiming pan-Indian audience. Kannada Superstar Kiccha Sudeep tested his luck with Vikrant Rona, a big-budget film that released across the country as VR. The film released in a record number of screens today. The film is an adventurous film that is tipped with a horror backdrop. Anup Bhandari directed the film and Vikrant Rona happens in a small village named Komarottu in Karnataka. Here is the complete review of the film:


Vikrant Rona starts in a village named Komarattu. The villagers believe that there is a devil in a house and all those who step into the house would get killed by the evil. A series of murders in the village add strength to the rumor. Several kids go missing and they are found hanging on the trees. The investigating officer too gets killed and Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) takes charge. He investigates the case in his own style and the rest of the film is all about the real facts in the village and the link between the evil and the series of deaths in Komarattu. Watch Vikrant Rona to know about the real story.


Vikrant Rona is an action thriller that has several layers. What’s so special for Vikrant Rona is that a unique forest set was constructed and most of the shoot happened in the set. The story happens 25 years ago. Sudeep makes a stylish entry after 20 minutes with an action episode. The story then revolves around Vikrant Rona. There are several predictable episodes with some thrilling incidents. The film revolves around several characters and the audience are left puzzled about the real culprit in the crime. A new face makes to the stage as the lead villain. Vikrant Rona has an old-format screenplay.

There are several other tracks in the film. Sanju’s story and Janardhan Gambhir’s track create enough confusion among the audience as they have nothing to do with the basic plot. The audience will be left surprised as the investigation never happens on a serious note. The director tries hard to bring a horror feel to the film. Vikrant Rona misses the emotion because of these attempts. The interval episodes are thrilling but they are not well designed. The second half of Vikrant Rona happens on a dull note as the investigation drama is not gripping. The real twist will not thrill the audience and Vikrant Rona ends up as a revenge drama.


Kiccha Sudeep looks super stylish and he offers a treat for his fans. His voice is so loud that the audience will struggle to understand some of them. Nirup Bandari who played Sanju has a prominent role of Sudeep and he did his role well. His love track deviates the entire plot of Vikrant Rona. There are lot of characters in the film and most of them have no prominence.

The lead actresses too make no impact. Jacqueline Fernandez sizzles in a special song in Vikrant Rona. The production values are good. The sound design is good and the visuals take the audience to a new world. The action episodes failed to generate enough thrills. The team of Vikrant Rona should have focused on the costumes as the modern clothes were used in a film that happens in 80s.


Vikrant Rona is a predictable revenge drama that is presented as an action-adventure tipped with horror. The film suffers badly because of the poor narration though the visuals look rich. Sudeep steals the show with his performance.

Openmic Tamil Rating 2.5/5

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