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Meme Boys Review


Guru Somasundaram, Badava Gopi, Siddharth Babu, Aadhitya Bhaskar, Jayanth, Namritha, Nikhil Nair

Producer : Anuraag Srivastava, Ruchir Joshi

Production : Rainshine Entertainment

Director : Arun Koushik

Episodes : 8

Meme Boys Story :

There is a group of college students who are friends and they are 3 boys and one girl. Four ordinary-looking college students run an unidentified meme page mocking their oppressive college administration at a time when a college-wide revolution was taking place. Four unassuming friends launch an anonymous social media page, “Meme Boys”, where they pull up their oppressive college administration with a punch of humour.

This innocent fun exercise of creating memes soon revolutionises the entire college and kicks off a cat-and-mouse game between the Meme Boys’ gang and the Dean of the college.

Watch to see who wins the thrilling humorous race.

Openmictamil Rating : 3/5

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