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D Block Movie Review

Arulnithi always creates expectations when he decides to do thriller and horror flicks, due to his past success in these genres. While D Block falls under the same category, whether it lives up to his previous outings becomes a huge question here.

The film starts off with a young girl being tortured and held in captivity. Within a few minutes, we are introduced to Arul, who has come to join an engineering college in Coimbatore. Interestingly, this story takes place in 2006, in a college situated in the middle of a dense forest. Due to this very reason, the students there are warned not to step out of the campus during late hours. However, problems develop when this particular rule is not followed. It comes to light when one of Arul’s friends Swathi, a Bharatanatyam dancer, dies and the management covers it up as a wild-animal attack.

When a series of girls end up dead or go missing in this similar pattern, Arul tries to uncover the mystery around it.

While the outline might look good as the makers claim it to be based on true incidents, the film and the characters lack depth that is of utmost important for a genre of this kind. The problem with D Block is that it makes its antagonist invincible in all ways, yet the backstory falls flat, adding no value to his superiority. The first half gives us very few glimpses of the threat factor, only giving us more of the college life of the students. The film holds its secrets till the interval, and let’s everything loose in the second half, making it a very average watch.

Once the suspense is revealed, there are no thrill elements or major twists to hold the screenplay for almost an hour. It becomes tiring and even laughable the way it progresses toward the climax. Though logic cannot be applied to horror movies or thrillers, here it really goes for a huge toss defeating the purpose of the film.

Arulnithi, as usual, has the ability to hold an average film and he has done a decent job. The good part is that the female characters have a role to play and perform in this flick and the romantic sequences with Shruthi (Avantika Mishra) are limited and do not disturb the flow of the film. The lot of supporting actors, like Thalaivasal Vijay, Ramesh Khanna and Karu Palaniappan, don’t create the stir needed for the film to work.

The technical aspects of the film look very average and don’t really elevate the mood of the film. D Block marks the debut of Erumi Saani Vijay Kumar, a popular YouTuber, and he has a long way to go in terms of writing for the screen.

Openmictamil Rating : 2.75/ 5

D Block Movie Review : Hastily written thriller with no depth

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