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Veetla Vishesham Movie Review

Remaking a film into another language is not an easy job. It needs a lot of courage and confidence especially when you know the original is a blockbuster hit. In recent times, a lot of Hindi films are being remade in Tamil and vice versa. One of the Hindi films that are remade in Tamil is Badhaai Ho. Yes. The Tamil version of this film is titled Veetla Visesham and is directed by RJ Balaji

Unnikrishnan (Sathyaraj) is a railways employee and his wife is Krishnaveni (Urvashi). They are leading a happy family with their two sons, Ilango (RJ Balaji), a 20-something biology teacher, and Anirudh (Visvesh), who is in high school, and his elderly mother Ammulu (KPAC Lalitha). 

Despite their middle-class family challenges and circumstances, Unni and Krishnaveni are trying to be as happy as possible. One night, the couple gets intimate and the next month Krishnaveni conceives. 

While Krishnaveni decides to have the baby, things don’t seem fine at all as they are afraid about how society would respond to it. Will Ilango and Anirudh be able to come to terms with this fact and embrace their parents’ decision?

The best thing about this remake is that they did not make any changes in comparison to the original story but chose to make minor changes keeping the nativity in mind. When compared to the original film, the remake version has a lot of other bolder aspects that need to be talked about in our daily lives. For example, in this film, RJ Balaji plays a biology teacher, who is keen to on his students to get sex education but isn’t able to digest the fact that his middle-aged mom is pregnant. 

Satyaraj, Urvashi, RJ Balaji have done a good job. Their roles have a certain amount of humour added making the film a better watch. The late KPAC Lalitha delivers a strong performance, too. Aparna Balamurali plays Ilango’s girlfriend and her presence in the movie is a delight. 

RJ Balaji and Saravanan have undoubtedly done an amazing job. During the film’s climax, the audiences are left teary-eyed and go home with a lot of emotions in mind. This family drama is worth watching for some of the aspects that are highlighted when compared to the original.

Veetla Vishesham Movie Review - Only Kollywood

Veetla Vishesham Review: A remake that talks louder than the original; Worth a watch

Rating 3.5/5

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