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Vaaitha movie review

Vaaitha directed by Mahivarman seems an overlong bore. The film cannot decide if it wants to be a karuthu padam or a courtroom drama about the underprivileged

Story: In the aftermath of an accident Appusamy (Mu Ramasamy) an elderly laundry worker gets caught up in a court case. Vaaitha mirrors the administration of corruption within the Indian judicial system especially in rural areas. This film demonstrates how delays are often accompanied by a denial of justice. Vaaitha not only demonstrates how power-hungry people exploit the underprivileged but also shows how authorities in power are victimised by political interests.

Review: Appusamy suffers an injury in an accident. His family is advised to seek financial compensation from the person responsible. The latter doesn’t cooperate. He uses his political clout and creates more trouble for Appusamy and his son. The main plot involves how they both fight for justice in court. A premise like this—where main characters fight for survival—can turn out to be an interesting drama to watch if the narrative has enough meat. But that doesn’t happen in Vaaitha. Unfortunately there are a lot of things that unfold as the film progresses. But only a few are memorable

Details that Mahivarman establishes on the screen do not contribute to the larger drama. At some point in time it becomes tedious. Courtesy: lackadaisical storytelling. The director wanted to highlight a pressing issue in society—but the tone of the film screams at you. Vaaitha highlights issues one by one. It was like scrolling through a checklist of the points (in visuals) Mahivarman wanted to discuss—corrupt cops corrupt lawyers caste-driven violence honour killing romance urbanisation (nowhere in the middle I know)—put together on the edit table. The film throws many things at you hoping you’ll elicit some sort of response.

The well-intentioned film takes up an important issue but it is not ambitious enough to look for root causes. Courtroom dramas in general appear more authentic if judges police officers and lawyers moved out of the caricature mould. The performances are a letdown too. Pugal Mahendran plays Vignesh Appusamy’s son and he looks like a fish out of water in many scenes. He’s pretty much stone-faced throughout. The actor cannot be blamed entirely. Add to this a dull screenplay. In a 117-minute film it’s sad to see the best bits constituting maybe around 20 minutes. Mahivarman could have made a short film and that would have worked.

I wish I had seen the same Mu Ramasamy who was fantastic in KD Engira Karuppudurai but I was disappointed. The characters are superficially etched with none of the actors leaving an impact. They’re all over the place. I don’t know why there was a mega serial vibe to all the drama that happens around Appusamy’s family. The romance track cuts a pathetic sight too.

Had the writing been a tad cohesive it would have made the mediocre visuals bearable. Vaaitha could have been a decent courtroom drama but the film is made irredeemable by its inept screenplay. I wish Vaaitha explored the bond between Appusamy and the deaf-mute woman who appears towards the climax portions. Mahivarman are you listening?

Openmictamil : Vaaitha turns out to be a yawnfest. Sigh! It is an overly long film for a way too simplistic story.

**A bumpy legal drama that does not rise above the message**

Rating : 💥💥💥

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