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Top Gun: Maverick review

Superior to its predecessor in almost every conceivable way, Top Gun: Maverick strikes a near perfect balance between heart, humor and jaw-dropping spectacle to earn its wings as a bona fide blockbuster. The movie pays tasteful homage to the 1986 original but establishes enough new emotional stakes to feel independent of it, and director Joseph Kosinski – aided by the indomitable star power of Tom Cruise – delivers a string of aerial stunt sequences that truly raise the bar for edge-of-your-seat action.

Movie +

  • +Stunning aerial action
  • +Meaningful emotional stakes
  • +Engaging performances
  • +Thrilling soundtrack

Not that what it offers is in anyway stuck in an era gone by – the film flies confidently and sturdily to deliver a crackling good mainstream movie experience.

Top Gun: Maverick spoiler-free review: A worthy return to the danger zone

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