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Veerapandiyapuram Review

Susienthiran is a filmmaker who does not limit himself to a single genre. After presenting a smash commercial amusement in rapid succession, he comes out with a surprise action thriller. His strategy works out part of the time and some of the time it doesn’t. The director has all the required components and twists for a decent rustic action drama in his newest film with Jai, Veerapandiyapuram, but fails to get the combination right.

The film’s setup sets the stage for an engrossing revenge and remorse thriller. However, as the film develops, the plot takes numerous detours, making it difficult for viewers to empathise with the protagonists. Rathnasamy (Sharath Logidas) and Chellathurai (Jayaprakash), the heads of two opposing factions in Veerapandiyapuram who are awaiting for an opportunity to exact revenge on one other, are presented in the first scene. Despite the intervention of numerous officials, the loss of human life in both their families has fostered discontent among the two categories for years, and both individuals are out for vengeance

Next, Rathnasamy’s daughter, Venba (Meenakshi Govindharajan), falls head over heals in love with Siva (Jai), who pretends to be an orphan and a professional artiste. Venba resolves to abscond with Siva and marries him in front of her friends, knowing her father’s temperament. Her fantasy is shattered, however, when Siva interrupts the wedding and requests her to take him to her father. Siva claims that if their love is genuine, her father will be convinced. Siva’s concealed objective comes as a surprise aspect when everything appear to be going smoothly. At a time when we believe Siva’s life is in jeopardy, Susienthiran surprises us by murdering Rathnasamy with the assistance of Solomon (Kaali Venkat). The second half focuses on Siva’s identity and what drove him to seek vengeance on Rathnasamy and his three brothers.

With this picture, jai makes his debut as a composer, and he does a nice enough job with the background music, which enhances some of the key situations and draws us into the emotions. However, because things become predictable with time, the movie’s script could have been better. We’ve seen flashback sequences with Siva and Yasoda (Aakanksha Singh) in a number of movies. However, Yasodha’s portrayal has a reason, and Aakanksha does an excellent job of portraying him.

OpenmicView :

Veerapandiayapuram may have been a good film if the storyline had more depth and better storytelling.

Rating 2.5/5

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