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3:33 Moonu Mupapathi Moonu Review

story :

A young man is haunted by a number, which happens to be the time he was born at. Can he and his family escape its clutches?

kadir (sandy) is moving into a new house with his mother and sister. from the first day of his settlement, he learns that there is some strange vibration in the house. he also has some bad dreams. born at 3:33 a.m., these things happen exactly at 3:33 a.m. in the house. the next day everything returns to normal and there are other mishaps again. but none of this was known to anyone but sandy. these are the things that are happening over and over again. what do these things happen to? the screenplay for ‘3:33’ is whether chandy was able to recover from this.

the first film is the hero of choreographer sandy. he has tried to act with as much difficulty as he can. since the film is a serious character who does not laugh at all, he scores accordingly in angry scenes and scared scenes. but in emotional scenes and crying scenes, it seems difficult to bring emotions to the face.

reshma, who is chandy’s sister, rama, who comes as a mother, and shruti selvam, who comes as a girlfriend, have given the acting required for the film. gautham menon, who comes at the end of the film, comes as a stylish exorcist and speaks in his usual english-infused tamil.

the film begins as a psychological thriller, a new house and mysterious events that take place there, and begins to stumble, not knowing where to go in subsequent scenes. repeated repeats arise as many questions arise as to whether it is a time loop film, a ghost film, or a science fiction film. but there is no clear answer to any question in the film. the film often shows a ghostly figure. what is its background? what is its purpose? why does it scare the people in that house. or is that the problem with the new house? no, sandy was born at 3:33 a.m. is the problem? why, then, did nothing happen to him before he came to this house, and there was no clear explanation for anything like this.

there is a feeling of the same scenes repeating the same scenes, such as the assamese walking, the sandy awakening again, the other incidents happening again, and the awakening again. a couple of scenes in the film are frightening. for example, showing the ghost in the mirror. but apart from a few such scenes, the scenes in the film do not seem to have any impact on the audience. in the horror scenes, they are laughing. sandi’s sister and mother smeared her face with maida flour-like makeup and scarehered her to remind her of the ‘jagan mohini’ type comedy ghost.

gautham menon’s story that number three has to do with religious belief in the film is all wire building. an attempt to tie a knot between the knee and the shaved head. director faith chandru seems to have thought that the audience could be convinced by telling such stories without giving any interest in the screenplay and without telling the background clearly. similarly, after the climax, gautham menon talks to bey. “do you hear me talking?” he said, as if on a cell phone. i don’t hear you clearly.” “like the signal is not available… go out and talk,” said one of the audience.

satish manoharan’s cinematography and harshvardhan’s music are a big plus for the film. both play a major role in preparing the audience early for the mood for a horror film. the absence of any songs is a great comfort.

‘3:33’ makes viewers who are not afraid of any scene in the film scream when it comes to ‘The World’s Next..’

Rating : 2.5/5

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