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Grand Launch : Optimists

Health Secretary J.Radhakrishnan, Krithika Udhayanidhi, Velmurugan, Saraswathi Launched Optimists- India’s first contact less self blood testing kit.
Healthcare is a global issue at the moment. But on a personal level, keeping track of your health is time consuming, difficult to understand, and incredibly inconvenient.
Health Secretary J.Radhakrishnan, Krithika Udhayanidhi, Velmurugan, Saraswathi Launched Optimists- India’s first contact less self blood testing kit.
This conundrum led Saraswathi and Velmurugan launched health technology start-up Optimists, a platform looking to shake-up the industry by offering all your preventative healthcare needs from the comfort of your home.
Saraswathi said: ‘The need for this business was born when we realised that the traditional methods of getting health check-ups are incredibly inefficient. Our platform combines technology to provide India’s first contactless blood testing experience that is both convenient and cost-effective. We believe in a personalised and holistic approach to health. We want to help improve the population’s health and lifespan’  
Velmurugan said: ‘Age-related chronic issues, such as heart or bone diseases, are often overlooked until later in life. However, research shows that many of these diseases can start decades before they reach serious stages. We can prevent the risks associated with these issues if we detect them early on.’

The team, based in Chennai, offers free doctor consultations to everyone. They believe that speaking to a doctor to consult on health issues should not cost anything. The Optimists platform will bridge the gap in a disjointed part of the preventative healthcare industry. As Saraswathi explains ‘Since COVID-19 upended many lives, people are focusing on their health and immunity more than ever’.
Velmurugan insists that this is a long term venture for the team. He said: ‘A healthy lifestyle starts with being able to get, read, and understand health information. This allows you to make informed decisions about your health. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools that will help you remain healthy for longer, we provide a simple and intuitive way to access your own health data and information.’
So far, Optimists have supported thousands of customers in Tamil Nadu. Saraswathi is positive about its prospects. ‘We want to champion the customer, help them get healthy, and offer bespoke proprietary data for the government and healthcare sectors. We think it will be successful and the indications are there.’
The dignitaries are Mr.Suresh SambandamFounder & CEO-Orange Scape/Kissflow,Mr.Sunny Pokala Chairman-Amtex Group of Companies/Co-Founder -Hoote, Dr. Luke Elizabeth Hanna, Scientists E HOD division of HIV AIDS/ICMR-RT, Dr.Jaya Mahesh, Fitness Guru & Celebrity Trainer, Mr.Big Lee Murali, Fitness Guru & Health Icon Participated in this event.
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