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RaajaVamsam Review

Directed by KV Kathirvelu, it stars Sasikumar and Niki Galrani in the lead role. Music is by Sam CS. The battery of stars in the cast included Sathish, Yogi Babu, Thambi Ramiah, Radharavi, Vijayakumar, Sumithra, Chaams, Nirosha, Rekha, OAK Sundar, Singam Puli among others. Produced by D D Raja and DDR Sanjay, the movie has moments that woul appeal to family audience.


The movie is about a team leader in an IT firm ( Sasikumar) takes up a prestigious project that has to be completed within 30 days amidst heavy competition. And then, he goes to his native to meet his family, with a colleague (Niki Galrani), who agrees to act as his lover, gets married to her. There is a twist in the tale. The movie ends on a happy note with a strong message.

Sasikumar does what is expected of Him. Known for playing rural youth, he does step into the show of an IT professional. He has stunts and romance to do. Niki Galrani oozes glamour in first half and gets opportunity to emote in the latter part. There is Sathish as comedian. His one-liners work in few scenes. Yogi Babu’s comedy fails to tickle our funny bone.

Comedy & music
Battery of artistes

Cringe drama
Neither emotional nor comedy

Rating : 2.75/5

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