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Corana-வை இப்படியும் கண்டுபிடிக்கலாம் Dr. Priya Speech

Chennai Dental Research Foundation (CDRF), Chennai and Voluntary Health Services (VHS) Hospital, Chennai have conducted a unique saliva based research for rapid Covid diagnosis. This is an easier and less expensive test. This antigen test is a well-accepted technique worldwide. The study is accepted for publication in a leading research journal for the first time from India.
Use of mouth rinses to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid disease through saliva when patients attend dental clinics is already being practiced worldwide and also in India. Various mouth washes were also studied.
These results and the public health impact of saliva tests will be presented.

The press conference will be addressed by:

  1. Prof. Dr. S. Suresh / Honorary Secretary/VHS
  2. Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan / President / CDRF
  3. Dr. N. Kumarasamy / Chief & Director of Infectious diseases / VHS
  4. Prof. K. Ranganathan, Ragas Dental College and
  5. Dr. K. Priya / Scientist & Head/Department of Clinical Research / VHS

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