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Kalathil Santhippom Open Review

A cast featuring a slew of talented artistes, a decent plot which has ample scope for endless entertainment, elements like triangular love, friendship and sports, a few fight sequences – Kalathil Sandhippom has all these – but offers nothing novel. It is the lively performances of a few artistes which save the movie.
The story revolves around two friends, Ashok (Jiiva) and Anand (Arulnithi), who have contrasting personalities. While the former is a care-free person who doesn’t believe in falling in love, the latter is short-tempered and is yet to come to terms with a heartbreak. They work in a finance company and are professional kabaddi players as well. Their parents are looking for a suitable life partners for them, and their side-kicks (played by Balasaravanan and Robo Shankar), too, have been encouraging them to get hitched.
One day, Anand’s matchmaking function goes for a toss when a prank played by Ashok becomes serious. Ashok tries his best to unite Anand and Kavya (Manjima Mohan), with whom the latter’s wedding was supposed to take place. However, Anand’s decision surprise Ashok, Kavya and their friends. What happens further to their lives when Sofia (Priya Bhavani Shankar) enters the plot forms the rest of the story.
Jiiva and Arulnithi are unsurprisingly the backbone of the film – both of them pull of their roles effortlessly. Jiiva slightly taking a backseat in fight sequences, allowing Arulnithi to take on the baddies was fun to watch. The former scores in a few comedy scenes and his chemistry with others are flawless. Balasaravanan and Robo Shankar entertain in a few scenes with their comic timing and funny dialogues. Radha Ravi, Ilavarasu, Aadukalam Naren, Vela Ramamoorthy and others are apt in their roles while the female characters are under-written. Manjima and Priya appear comfortable in their roles, though.
With the major plot revolving around a tale of friendship between two different people, the conflicts between them lacked the required impact, due to which some of the emotional scenes fell flat. The kabaddi element, except for the beginning and pre-climax portions, is left unexplored and there is hardly any mention of the sport in their lives. The dispute surrounding a wedding and hero(es) beating the baddies black and blue to win a girl’s love in the climax are packed with clichés. The union of another couple in the end appeared rushed. Had more attention been given to screenplay and writing female lead characters, the film would have been a rollicking entertainer.

Kalathil Santhipom – An extremely familiar “kalam

Open Rating : 3.3/5

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