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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 teaser

Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan is all set to return as the host of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil. A teaser was released on Thursday announcing the upcoming season of the popular reality show.

In the teaser, Kamal notes that the pandemic has taken away the livelihood of millions of people for the last five months. “The disease is dangerous. Of course, we have to be safe. But we can’t continue to remain in the house. We will follow the safety guidelines of WHO. Let’s get back to work,” he says.

The teaser, however, doesn’t reveal the premiere date of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. Bigg Boss Tamil 4 would have begun around July, if not for the coronavirus pandemic. Reports have it that the reality show will go on air mid-October.

Recently, even the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu was announced. Actor Nagarjuna, who hosted the third season, will also host the upcoming season. As part of precautions, the showrunners have, reportedly, quarantined all the 16 selected contestants to check for COVID symptoms before letting them inside the house, where they will stay locked in for not less than 100 days.

Reports said the weekend episodes will also take place without the live audience and crew members will be provided accommodation until the completion of the season.

It is fair to assume that even the creators of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 will take similar precautions against COVID.

It is worth noting Bigg Boss Malayalam, hosted by Mohanlal, was taken off air halfway through its second season earlier in March as India was preparing for the world’s biggest lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus.

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