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Flixdaa: New Tamil Video Streaming Platform

Flixdaa is a new Tamil Video Streaming OTT(Over-the-top) media service platform that has unlimited new Tamil content. Watch International TAMIL Series, Films, Shortfilms, Standup Comedy, Music Videos, Comedy Skits, Cooking Shows and many more captivating Videos. Log on to www.flixdaa.com through any browser or simply download the Android Mobile / TV or Amazon Fire TV Apps!
It is a revolutionary platform for all the independent creators and the global Indian audience. Since this Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the whole world and many countries are still in lockdown, this will be a great opportunity to skip all the boring content that everyone is watching repeatedly and tune in to Flixdaa to watch new and entertaining content. Stay home, Stay Safe and watch new Tamil Shows.
Most of the content you watch is Exclusive only available on Flixdaa and not in any other platforms. Almost all the content is new, and you would not have watched it elsewhere. Consisting of high-speed server players and HD quality content, Flixdaa is the next big thing you should have on your mobile & in your home now.
“It’s FREEdaa!!” Access Flixdaa for free by just signing up with your email address and an OTP(One-time-password) confirmation sent to your mobile number. Once this process is over, you can watch unlimited content available in Flixdaa for FREE!
The content available in Flixdaa is appropriate for all ages. The content available in other platforms have age restrictions but are very hard to monitor but Flixdaa does not have that issue. There is even exclusive content for Children too like kids’ series and game shows.
Catch your favourite Celebrities and Performers LIVE on Flixdaa Live soon!!
Flixdaa is now available on Google Play Store, Android TV, Fire TV and coming soon on Apple App Store. Offline download option is also available. So, watch it anytime and anywhere on the go. Flixdaa is FREEdaa!!


Google Play Store Android Mobile App:

Apple iOS Mobile App:

Google Play Store Android TV App:

Amazon Fire TV App:


1) Flixdaa – Promo Material – Trimmed Version

Link:- https://youtu.be/oaXcSFIYQSQ

2) Flixdaa – Promo Material – Full Version

Link:- https://youtu.be/Qm66u1jQOTc


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