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COLORS Tamil brings you Yoga for World Health – virtual yoga, celebrities and a good cause!

Chennai, June 21, 2020: Tamil Nadu’s youngest GEC channel COLORS Tamil celebrated this International Yoga Day with an extensive virtual yoga session in association with Rotary Club of Madras Central on Sunday. Titled Yoga for World Health, the event stressed on the importance of practicing yoga in our everyday lives for mental and emotional wellbeing. Led by a panel of experts, the event witnessed an overwhelming participation of 200 people, each practicing the asanas along with their favorite COLORS Tamil stars, all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Spread over an hour, the e-yoga meet was led by well-known ayurvedic medicine and sports therapy consultant, Dr. Dharmesh Kubendiran, physiotherapist and yoga instructor, Dr. Simranjeet Kaur, musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Dr. Krishna Shah and Mr. Sagar Pujari, a celebrity sports therapy specialist and Mr Sanjay Dhurka, Rotary Club of Madras Central president. The event was curated with emphasis on the pivotal role of yoga, especially in these stressful times, to bring about an effective change physically, mentally and spiritually. Over the ages, yoga has been credited with promoting holistic well-being. In more recent years, with increased physical and mental health awareness, it has become an integral part of life among fitness enthusiasts. The experts shared their insights on each asana, explaining how they help the body and mind.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Anup Chandrasekharan, Business Head – COLORS Tamil, said, “We are thrilled to join hands with the Rotary Club of Madras Central to host an enriching virtual session on International Yoga Day. Adding yoga to our daily routine can enhance the quality of our lives and help us grow both physically and mentally. The breathing techniques practiced during yoga help in calming life’s trinity – mind, body and soul. During these difficult times, we at COLORS Tamil wanted to bring everybody together on one platform, to connect with our audience as well as to urge everyone to adopt healthier practices.”

The face of Thirumanam, Shreya Anchan said, “The event was a hugely positive experience for us as well as our fans. Yoga is known to help develop physical and mental balance, which is essential to lead wholesome lives and even more so in such difficult times. It was refreshing to hear, watch and learn from all these experts and we hope that all of us continue to practice yoga for a healthy lifestyle.”

Sharing similar views, Thirumanam co-star Sidhu added, “Yoga has gained immense popularity worldwide for its varied benefits. Today’s session was fulfilling and energizing, especially because we got to connect with all our fans on one platform. In these trying times, an opportunity to connect with our fans and practice yoga alongside them has been nothing short of pure joy.”

Along with Sidhu and Shreya, Tina and Ryesha from Thirumanam, Nilani, Navin Kumar and Hima Bindhu from Idhayathai Thirudathe, Arun Padmanabhan, Lakshmi Priya and Keerthi from Mangalaya Dosham, Surendhar fromOviya, Amaljith, Pavithra, Deepika, Naren Balaji, Sai Lakshmi and Jenniferr fromAmmanand Amruth Kalam from Uyire were also part of this virtual yoga session, making it a star-studded and meaningful Yoga Day.

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