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Penguin On Prime: 6 Reason Why We Can’t Miss Keerthy Suresh’s New Film

Keerthy Suresh’s Penguin has been making all the right noises on social media ever since its release. The official poster announcement of the movie piqued one’s interest right from the word go, along with the trailer taking no time to make one as curious as ever. There’s no prize for guessing that the fans were raving about the film ahead of its much-awaited release.

And why shouldn’t they? You’ve got a gripping background score, the director’s thought process as well as Keerthy herself revealing a couple of facts about the movie and much more. While we’ll simply run out of points, here’s 6 big reasons why you should not miss Penguin at any cost.

The plot of the movie is captivating to such an extent that the trailer of the movie garnered millions of views within days of its launch. There are so many things that we are looking forward to, such as the director taking a deep dive into Stockholm syndrome along with what could be the story behind the killer and their motive. Filled with questions aplenty in our mind, we simply cannot wait for the series of events to unravel.

Keerthy Suresh’s latest Film For all the Keerthy fans out there, we want to say that the wait is finally over! The movie will be out in a couple of hours and once again we all can rejoice another acting master class by the actress. The trailer itself gives us a glimpse of the benchmark this movie and Keerthy’s acting skills are going to set. It’s going to be a performance to remember. The Umbrella Man Who is this Umbrella man and why is everyone speaking about him? The Umbrella man has become the hottest topic in town ever since Amazon Prime Video dropped the trailer. It’s a pressing question that the nation wants to know.

Ajay’s Secret From the trailer, we all guessed that Keerthy is trying to find Ajay quite desperately. But what is the secret behind the lost boy? First of all, we are curious to know that what actually happened to him that made Keerthy look for him so bad. Secondly, is Ajay the same injured kid who is chained in a gory room and if yes, then who did that to him and why? We saw some drawings lying on the floor and wonder if these were made by Ajay and if yes, what was the message that he was trying to send across? And the biggest question of all, will Keerthy find him and how?

Mystery In The Forest The forests are as unforgiving as enigmatic they are. Penguin’s setting sees this dense foggy forest as a crucial character, which apparently has all the answers to Keerthy, her son and probably the masked man. With hidden secrets waiting to unravel, we can’t stop wondering about how many and what are these mysteries hidden in the forest? Santhosh Narayanan Musical Santhosh Narayanan has kept us on the very edge of our seats with his mind-numbing music in the past. The trailer of the movie is a living testimony to the fact that the actual package is going to be an absolute bonanza. Another great fact about the music of this movie is that Santhosh and his team worked on this project during the lockdown. Now that’s what we call dedication!

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